Student Academic Advisors (located in 140 Stephens Hall)

 Cognitive Science advising meetings are by appointment only


UNDECLARED STUDENTS:  Please schedule an appointment with MacKenzie Moore by filling out this form. Her email is  

Her calendar opens up 2 weeks in advance. So, if there aren't any appointments, check back the next day to view additional openings.


DECLARED STUDENTS: Catherine Byrne is out on family leave as of June 13, 2017 and not returning until late fall. Please send your questions to or make an appointment with her using this link:

Catherine's calendar will open up when she has returned to work. 


Program Director

Terry Regier


Cognitive Science Faculty

Dor Abrahamson (Education)
Martin Banks (Optometry)
Sonia Bishop (Psychology, HWNI)
Roy L. Caldwell (Integrative Biology)
John Campbell (Philosophy)
Jose M. Carmena (Cognitive Science, Electrical Engineering)
Mel Y. Chen (Gender and Women's Studies)
Anne Collins (Psychology)
Clayton Critcher (Business)
Mark D'Esposito (Psychology)
Terrence Deacon (Anthropology)
Michael DeWeese (Physics)
Susanne Gahl (Cognitive Science, Linguistics)
Jack Glaser (Public Policy)
Robert J. Glushko (Cognitive Science)
Alison Gopnik (Psychology)
Tom Griffiths (Cognitive Science, Psychology)
William F. Hanks (Anthropology)
Richard Ivry (Psychology)
Lucia Jacobs (Psychology)
Dan Klein (Computer Science)
Robert Knight (Psychology)
Paul Li (Cognitive Science)
Tania Lombrozo (Psychology)
Jitendra Malik (Computer Science)
Sam Mchombo (African American Studies)
Alva Noe (Philosophy)
Bruno Olshausen (Optometry)
David E. Presti (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Michael Ranney (Education)
Terry Regier (Cognitive Science, Linguistics)
Richard Rhodes (Linguistics)
Stuart Russell (Computer Science)
Geoffrey Saxe (Education)
Alan Schoenfeld (Education, Mathematics)
Mahesh Srinivasan (Psychology)
Eve Sweetser (Linguistics, Celtic Studies)
David Whitney (Psychology)
Fei Xu (Psychology)



Andrea diSessa (Education)
Susan Ervin-Tripp (Psychology)
Jerome Feldman (Computer Science)
Ervin Hafter (Psychology)
Paul Kay (Linguistics)
John F. Kihlstrom (Psychology)
George Lakoff (Linguistics)
John Ohala (Linguistics)
Stephen Palmer (Psychology)
Kaiping Peng (Psychology)
William Prinzmetal (Psychology)
Lynn Robertson (Psychology)
Eleanor Rosch (Psychology)
John Searle (Philosophy)
Arthur Shimamura (Psychology)
Dan Slobin (Psychology)